Poly Dutch Windmills handcrafted by NMW Crafts

Do you want the look of a wood-crafted yard windmill without the upkeep that wood requires? Then these polywood Dutch windmills are for you. NMW Crafts’ poly-wood dutch windmills make a great addition to any lawn or garden that can be matched to fit any style of outside decor. Our lawn and garden windmills are open on the bottom and can be used to cover any unsightly features of your yard or garden, such as well pipes. All of our garden windmills are high quality and handcrafted with love and care. We offer lawn windmills or yard windmills of all kinds, ranging from 30 inches tall to 5 feet tall. Our poly windmills are available in many different color combinations to match the decor of any home or property. Also, NMW Crafts can customize the colors of your windmill.

What is polywood and what are the benefits of Poly Lawn Ornaments?

Poly wood is a vinyl plastic material made from recycled products like milk jugs and plastic water bottles. Polywood is made to mimic the appearance of actual wood. Our polywood material is resistant to insects, termites, boring worms, microbe activities, and wet rot found in outdoor environments. Additionally, our polywood windmills will not split, splinter, or rot and it holds up against weather conditions much better than wood. The polywood does not absorb moisture or promote bacterial or barnacle growth. This resistance is accomplished without any hazardous chemicals such as those utilized in the pressure treatment of wood.  To clean the poly windmills made of vinyl, you just need soap and water  Additionally, using the recycled polywood material helps save the environment by using long lasting plastics that would otherwise end up in our garbage dumps and oceans. Plus, they look just like real wooden windmills!

Polywood Dutch Windmill Options

Sizes available: 30 inches, 46 inches, 5 feet
Colors available: Antique Mahogany, Aruba Blue, Caramel, Cherry, Clay, Gray, Green,Blue, Navy Blue, Patriot Blue, Red, White
If you’d like to customize your poly windmill, or if the windmill you’d like to order is out of stock, email us and we’ll get it made for you. You can find our full selection of poly windmills listed below.

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